It’s no secret that Amazon sellers are vulnerable to intellectual property infringement. Neglecting brand and product protection can negatively impact your business success. With more than 20 years of intellectual property law experience, attorney Sarah Walkington serves as a trusted advisor on patent, trademark, and copyright matters for Amazon sellers. Sarah’s personalized approach and commitment to delivering cost-effective, high-quality IP legal services provide value to every client.

Understanding the IP Risks for Amazon Sellers

IP risks faced by Amazon sellers vary depending on the nature of the seller’s products. Creating and manufacturing your goods may attract copycats that take your market share. However, a patent can provide protection for an original invention or product design, granting enforceable legal rights to prevent unauthorized copies and imitations.

Branding is vital for Amazon sellers. Establishing brand recognition with a distinct design, symbol, word, or phrase sets you apart from other sellers. Registering your trademark to safeguard your brand provides enforceable legal rights, acting as a deterrent against infringers and counterfeiters.

Copyright infringement can take many forms, from unauthorized use of original photographs, videos, or graphics, to copying original text in a brand or product description. Copyright laws offer some protection, but registration is crucial for pursuing legal action.

IP Services for Amazon Sellers

As a registered United States Patent and Trademark Office patent attorney, Sarah Walkington leverages her extensive intellectual property law experience to provide exceptional legal services for Amazon sellers. Sarah assists individuals and businesses throughout the U.S. in protecting intellectual property assets. Her services include:

  • Evaluating your intellectual property needs for patent, trademark, and copyright protection
  • Preparing and submitting applications to the relevant authorities
  • Assisting with Amazon Brand Registry enrollment for early protection
  • Representing you throughout the registration process, including responding to USPTO Office Actions
  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating licenses, transfers, and other IP-related legal agreements
  • Addressing post-registration IP legal matters
  • Developing a monitoring plan to identify infringement
  • Analyzing potential infringement situations and offering cost-effective enforcement options, such as Amazon Brand Registry violation reports, cease-and-desist letters, and takedown actions under the Digital Millennial Copyright Act (DMCA)

In the event that litigation becomes necessary, Sarah can provide a referral to a highly-qualified IP litigation lawyer. She also offers litigation support services as part of her freelance IP practice.

To learn more about Sarah’s services for specific types of intellectual property rights, please visit the individual practice pages for patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

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