Trade secrets are a valuable form of intellectual property that can be protected under federal and state laws, provided they meet specific statutory criteria. With over two decades of IP experience, attorney Sarah Walkington assists clients nationwide in ensuring legal protection of their trade secrets. She understands the importance of safeguarding this valuable information and offers valuable guidance to clients seeking to protect their trade secrets.

Trade Secret Protection in the United States

Generally, trade secrets include confidential proprietary information that holds economic value, is not publicly known, is not easily accessible to others, and is reasonably protected by the owner. Examples can include customer data, business plans, product information, manufacturing processes, and technical or operational know-how.

Unlike other forms of intellectual property, trade secrets cannot be registered. To obtain protection under trade secret laws, specific steps must be taken to identify and secure the information from unintentional disclosure.

Intellectual property attorney Sarah Walkington assists clients in:

  • Identifying trade secrets within their businesses
  • Developing effective strategies to limit access to trade secrets
  • Implementing policies and practices to protect identified trade secrets
  • Preparing non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Counseling clients about the importance of protecting trade secrets and the consequences of divulging the information

Leveraging her extensive intellectual property experience, Sarah can also identify information that may be eligible for protection under patent, trademark, and copyright laws.

Trade Secret Counseling Services at Walkington Law

If you haven’t taken the necessary steps to protect your trade secrets, Sarah can assist you identify qualifying information and develop a comprehensive protection plan. When you turn to Sarah trade secret issues, you’ll benefit from her extensive IP experience, personalized approach, and cost-effective services.

If litigation becomes necessary, Sarah can provide a referral to a highly qualified IP litigation lawyer and offer litigation support services as part of her freelance IP practice.

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